• Comfortably fits (but not included)
   • 2 Auto-injectors
   • 2 Single-dose Antihistamines
   • 2 Alcohol Wipes

• Clips-on easily

• Durable & Recognizable

• Allergy Awareness Checklist

• HOW TO USE fill-in guide

• Contact Information

• Emergency Contact Information

• Expiration date for Auto-injectors

Perfect use 
for school,
play dates,
birthday parties,

"Just what I've been looking for...to ease my mind when my daughter is in someone else's care! It's the best holder out there that indicates what to do in case of an emergency!!! My contact information and her allergy action plan are clearly visible through the see-through pocket window on the back. Previously, I've been writing my cell phone number on the back of her medicine case with a permanent marker! Her friends' moms now have peace of mind when she is in their care!"

Chris' daughter:
JULIA, age 8
All Week Long! 

 ...some testimonials
"When I found out my child had a peanut allergy...I was relieved PreppyEpi could HELP me! I feel so much more comfortable dropping her off at playdates now that all her important information is accessible. 
I feel even more comfortable knowing the person watching her knows how 
to help her."

Jennifer's daughter: 
PEYTON, age 4
PLEASE NOTE: PreppyEpi® is not affiliated with Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi or any other manufacturer of epinephrine auto-injectors.

latex free? Yes
waterproof? No
isothermal? No
Why is the logo so big?
I used a panel of experts while creating PreppyEpi. All of them agreed the logo should be big so it's easily recognizable.
! AM NOT A DOCTOR, just an organized mom!
PreppyEpi is NOT responsible or liable for misuse of medication. PreppyEpi is a unit to keep information and medication organized.

The Preppy Epi Difference
There might be other companies in the Rumson, New Jersey area that provide food allergy awareness, medication organizer, or similar products, but here's why Preppy Epi is your best choice. At Preppy Epi, providing the highest quality product is our top priority. We always strive for excellence and never settle for "good enough." We genuinely care about our customers and go above and beyond to provide the best customer experience. We do these things, and more, while providing you with products at a good value. We are always interested in hearing from you about Food Allergy Awareness stories, advice on how to make the product better. And email us to say HELLO and tell us your story. We are always reading Mommy Blogs, Allergy Blogs and are constantly looking to spread the PreppyEpi brand name. Our goal is to make PreppyEpi the recognized look for your medication. Find us at your nearest Pharmacy, Allergist office, and Pediatrician offices!

INFORMATION: PreppyEpi is not liable for any misuse of the medication. We are a holder for medication and information. Our goal is to keep you ORGANIZED. As a stay at home mom, I always have kids playing at my house. PreppyEpi was designed for Allergy Awareness while your allergy-prone child is in someone else's care. 

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